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Lunched with ambitious plans inspired by its name (Awtan or Homeland) to promote the localization of specialized industrial products and improve the agility of the regional supply chains by serving them with national alternatives that match the leading global suppliers.

Welcome Message

As a different industrial player, Awtan has emerged with more comprehensive vision that capitalizes on utilizing the national resources to enhance the local industrial content. on this basis, we have identified specialized products and technologies and successfully launched an integrated industrial facility, that starts form RD and passes through multiple production stages, to provide the regional industrial activities and supply chains with global competitive products and timely mannered services.

Over the years and with its dedicated team and well-drawn strategy that focus on the client’s needs, Awtan was able to position its products in the market as a reliable national alternative that confidently replaces the imported products which many national and regional industries were depending on.

To continue growing and serving the industrial supply chains, we have developed Awtan’s short terms plan to expand our client base. The plan has already been executed and by the beginning of 2022, we successfully completed and commissioned the first phase our production expansion, which will allow us to enter new markets as dependable partner with a well-suited quality, price, and timely mannered services.

In Awtan, we consider the imported product as our primary rival and positively working toward reducing the import gap, a mission that is always stimulated by the national vision of enhancing local contents.


To Promote the localization of specialized industries and advanced technologies.


To Become the national alternative in manufacturing and supplying specialized products to the industrial businesses and supply chains with a global standard services.


Awtan is working towards its mission with FIVE main pillars

Sale Branding



Human Capital

Health & Safety


Awtan realizes that maintaining success requires ongoing future anticipation and integrating sustainability in every aspect of its operations, to ensure a continuing development and growth.

Awtan invests passionately to improve its offering mix and continue to innovate complementary products (upstream and downstream) that utilize its market knowledge and knowhow for serving the industrial supply chains

Awtan believes that human resources is the cornerstone of success and use the highest standards in acquiring tis cadres and leadership, and continue to invest in training programs to keep up the competences, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Environmental, health and safety protection are factored in all Awtan’s operations, with an advanced safety and health procedures that follow the best international principles and practices.

Awtan is committed to a continues reviewing its quality assurance and controls to keep the pace in with the latest standards and practices and maintain the products reputation of a flexible pricing and advanced quality.

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a new concept of manufacturing services

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